ANBTX Trust YOUR kPlan


Hello, I’m Kathy Howe – Executive Vice President and Director of Wealth Management & Trust of the American National Bank of Texas.

For more than 80 years, American National Bank’s Trust Division has been dedicated to the administration of trusts, estates and wealth management. We’ve helped thousands of businesses, individuals and families successfully achieve their financial goals.

Today, I’m here to discuss the benefits of YOUR kPlan. YOUR kPlan is a 401K and profit sharing retirement plan that small business owners can adopt for themselves and their employees instead of forming their own plan with full fiduciary responsibility. This multiple employer trust allows small business owners to obtain a successful retirement for themselves and their employees without the added cost and difficulty of forming an independent plan. YOUR kPlan provides big corporation benefits at small business prices.

YOUR kPlan offers many benefits including:

  • Limited fiduciary responsibility, as the business owner

  • Employer contributions made to the plan are tax deductible expenses

  • You will receive tax credit for a portion of the plan startup cost

  • You may be able to receive up to the maximum allowable contribution amount in a qualified plan

  • Offering retirement benefits can help your business retain quality employees

  • You will not be responsible for selecting and monitoring the plan’s investment lineup

  • This is a low cost platform

America National Bank of Texas offers YOUR kPlan, its small business retirement savings plan, through a relationship with Transamerica Retirement Solutions. An industry leader in the retirement plan market, Transamerica and its affiliates have been providers of retirement plans and investment products for more than 75 years. By participating in YOUR kPlan, you will have access to flexibility in plan design, diverse investment choices, fiduciary management tools, award-winning participant education, and comprehensive administrative and compliance services.

Access to YOUR kPlan is simple. Get started in four easy steps. First, submit the application and enrollment fee. Second, gather and process employee census. Third, sign the adoption agreement. And last, set up employee enrollment and education meetings.

To start YOUR KPlan for your business, contact ANBTrust today. Thank you for your time.