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Mobile Deposit Easy User Guide

You shouldn’t be bound by bank hours and locations to make a deposit. ANBTX Mobile Banking provides the convenient option of depositing any check to your personal account from your iPhone or Android. It’s banking made easy.

Download and Enrollment

  • Use your mobile phone to access the Apple app or Android/Google Play app store. Search for "ANBTX Mobile Banking." Push the blue "Get" button (for Apple) or green “Install” button (for Android). App will automatically download.
  • Enroll all checking, savings, or money market accounts you think you may want to use during the initial set-up process. First, create a nickname for the account. For example, you could name your account "primary," "home checking," or "family savings." It's up to you. Make sure the nickname is clear and distinct from other accounts. Then, select the type of account you will be enrolling. Next, enter your account number in the space provided. You may opt for this account to be your default. Finally, type in the Captcha code and click submit. 
  • If you would like to add additional accounts, you may do so by clicking the "Add Account" link located in the account area of the enrollment section.

Launch App and Login

  • Tap the ANBTX Mobile Banking app on the screen of your iPhone or Android mobile device. 
  • Enter user name and password. Tap "Login."

Make A Deposit

  • Tap "Deposit Check(s)" on the main menu screen.
  • Tap "To Account" to open a list to choose from available accounts. 
  • Select the correct amount. 
  • Tap in the "Amount" field to activate keyboard. 
  • Type in the amount of the check. 
  • Select "Front of Check Image" to activate camera mode screen in your phone and compose your front shot.
Note: Ensure that the entire check is visible and in focus, that the check is on a dark background, that there is sufficient lighting, that the check is the only thing visible in the photo, and that all edges can be seen. Hold the phone as steady as possible.
  • When satisfied with the view of the check on the screen, tap the camera icon to take the picture. 
  • Select "Back of Check Image" and repeat for the check's back side.
  • Ensure the check is properly endorsed. To endorse a check, sign your first and last name on the back of the check in the designated area where you will find a set of gray lines. Only sign the check once you're ready to deposit it. Below your signature, write "For mobile deposit only" then write your account number. 
  • When both pictures have been taken, Tap both the "Front Image" and "Back Image" to review. When satisfied, tap "Make Deposit" on the Deposit screen to process and upload the check.

View Deposit History

  • Tap the "Status" button and a list of recent transactions displays. 
  • A check will be marked as pending, accepted, or not accepted. A pending check has been uploaded, but not yet assigned an accepted or not accepted status. 
  • Only accepted checks have been placed into the deposit processing at the bank.

Deposit Details

  • Select a specific transaction from the Deposit History menu. 
  • Tap the transaction you want to review.
  • Select "Done" to return to the Details screen. 
Note: There may be a slight variation between Android and iTunes versions. However, functionality will remain the same - unless otherwise noted on this page. For example, the info menu is included in the Android information menus that vary with devices. Please see your manufacturer information for specifics regarding your Android device "soft keys."

If you have any additional questions about how to use mobile deposit in the ANBTX Mobile Banking app, contact our customer service department at 1-800-837-6584.
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